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I need the latest BIOS for a ACHITEC motherboard. I`ve never heard of the mobo manufacturer ACHITEC before, neither could I found their website.

It`s seems it is a ACHITEC-160 mobo (?), at bootup, I can see the following...


I am trying to make a Coopermine CPU (Celeron FSB 66MHz)
work with this board. Usually, i440LX mobos can recognize Celeron Coopermine CPUs and work fine with them. At least that is what I`ve experienced with many old PCCHIPS, ABIT and ASUS mobos.

Does ACHITEC still exists? Maybe this company is still manufacturing mobos, but with different name? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance,

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achitec has gone under.

only bios I can find:

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