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#44144 by nev4
Wed Mar 14, 2007 9:09 pm
I have mobo A7V333: as i put duron 1400Mhz on it - mobo shows that cpu temperature is 55C (max 10sec after turn on) and it continues getting higher rapidly to ~75C and mobo shuts down (even if i set it to 1050Mhz).
As i put duron 650Mhz and turbo it a little starting heat is ~20 on starting and it gets to ~35C after some work, it should get hotter after more time.

what the problem is here? i'm sure cooler is suitable for duron1.4, maybe temperature pasta is leaking - could it be (not much left on it)?

on older mobo k7vza it's temperature was normal as i remember...

bios 1014 if i have seen it right