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#34210 by pobistan
Fri Oct 07, 2005 10:15 pm
Got IBM Aptiva 2164-73Z.
System info says:
AcerBIos for IBM 01.03.99
Board ID: IBM 8E000-I0C

Cant' get BIOS-ID pressing 'Pause' during memmory count; can't get info from BIOS -Agent, due to some hang-up.

All I wanted was using an extra 128MB from Crucial - used their Memory Adviser Tool - had three differant memories sent to me - and none worked.
The explained/blamed my BIOS-version for being to old and told me to get an update.

Well - I still have the default it seems - but IBM/now Lenovo aren't supporting any update for that model any more.

Grateful for comments and advice!