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#50131 by OZON
Thu Aug 14, 2008 6:29 am

I upgraded my old Asus bios with new bios, but this new bios is slightly buggy. The old bios worked much better and it didn't forget date and time of the comp all the time.

Now I wonder why I cant reflash this functional old bios over buggy new bios in Asus P5WDG 2 WS Professional motherboard. The board resists this idea and it says that my old fully functional bios is older than the existing bios. Flashing cant be done.

I dont understand this kind of design, why they think at Asus that their upgrades are so good that they must not be downgraded? In this case it seems to be only rational way to fix buggy new bios.

My question is: Do you know any software or method how to flash old bios over newone safely in Asus motherboards?

I talked with some computer specialist and he said cant be done just like that. It may even require changing motherboard chipset to a newone. If that is so this is really the last Asus motherboard which I will buy.

Please help....