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#44570 by brusilva
Tue Apr 17, 2007 2:38 am
This is what i got from searching the forum about my bios and mb

Award Software International, Inc
6.00 PG
size 256kb

Intel FW82801BA
[This info was in the chip on MB]

[This info was with the pause button while doing the memory test]

After research on Award Bios Id's i found that i have a DFI motherboard and the the same id i used to search that gives me two possibilities:


Althought while searching the

wich i guess it might the place where i get my bios update i dont find any reference BIOS reference to choose :S

I am doin this because i had a riva tnt2 32Mb and it wont update with the latest drivers, and now i tried a Gforce 4 MX 440 64Mb and the screen appears all messed up with vertical bars and and when i try to update with the latest drivers (wich it recognizes the video card) it reboots.

So i am thinkin it could be a BIOS prob and now i am hanged with wich bios version to choose.