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#39679 by coolhandluke
Wed Jul 12, 2006 8:28 am
The bios string is GB85010A.15A.0046.P13.0108201551. The issue I'm having is this, I want to be able to boot from usb, the intel bios upgrades support it, unfortunately, since this board was an oem in a gateway machine I can't use the intel bios flash. Gateway claims that it is not possible to add the support, translate the system is no longer in support, were not upgrading the bios. I'm wondering if anyone has a patched bios that will enable this feature.

I did contact unicore(esupport) in an effort to obtain the bios update and apparently Gateway bios is proprietary so they can't write one for me either. I thought if someone else was trying to solve a similar problem that knowledge might save them some trouble.