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#39216 by BBorges
Thu Jun 08, 2006 3:25 pm
Need some help here guys...

Not an IT guy here... I know a bit but I am not a professioanal, so stay with me.

Bought a Intel D945GNT MB with P4 3.0Mhz & 512 Ram.

I had a problem originally booting the MB so I brought it to this PC Repair and he said it was the BIOs and he updated and it boots now.

Installed XP Pro and whenever I tried to run the Intel Cd with drivers, it would NOT pass the Chipset installation, saying that I was missing a "USBEHCI.SYS" file and cancel the whole drivers installation process.

So I then went to Intel and got the latest BIOS #3869 but then XP wont load.. it brings this blue screen saying something like:

STOP: 0x0000007E and some messages.

So I figure I had to roll back the BIOS.... but unfortunately I didnt get the BIOS # before going to the latest BIOS #3869.

Intel also has a BIOS #1788 on the main page, and I rolled back to it. XP does load... BUT THEN THE DRIVERS on the CD or the lateste drivers on Intels Webpage wont work, it seems like this BIOS is too old.

This is my MB: Intel D945GNT
Version: AAC96324-401
S/N: AZNT61311548

I just want to know what BIOS # it originally came with so I can run the Intel Drivers CD and make this PC run... Because right now with the latest BIOS #3869, XP wont load... and with the oldest BIOS #1788 the drivers wont load!!

Bad situation, isnt it?