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#40356 by Leslie Satenstein
Sat Aug 19, 2006 3:04 am
MB and Battery are new. I can cofigure the board (using intel 930 processor with 1 gig memory), but cannot use the optimised defaults (from the bios) as the bios locks up.

I configure the bios manually, and set the system to recognize my 3 boot devices. (2 drives and 1 DVD). If I chose the DVD, and fail to have a dvd in it, the bios corrupts itself, and the system locks up, and canot be rebooted. On POST, and playing with F2 key, I can eventually get to the bios set up menus, I do the reconfigure and it works.

Other problems... if I press on a downarrow or similar key during POST, I lose the system. I have updated to Bios version 7/7/2006 and that has cleared up some earlier problems, but the system still locks up.

My operating system reports that PCI support is not correct in the bios, for 64bit or for dual core 32 bit. MMCONFIG is Core5 message.

What riles me the most, is that Intel did not provide a document describing the bios menu field settings. I use the defaults, but perhaps that is not the thing to do. Other bug is there is no address in the Intel set of web site addresses to register a complaint.

One complaint, error codes and menu setup are not published anywhere. My MB was manufacturered in 2004, and purchased as new from the dealer June 20th 2006.

I think that a newer engineered MB, if it exists, and dated 2006, would probably have many of the errors repaired. Is Intel in the MB business? I think not.

I would not recommend this MB at this point in time.