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#48039 by shamanjim
Tue Feb 19, 2008 2:22 pm
Hi guys.
First up, I'm Shamanjim (Jim) new to the forum, so hi!

Ok, heres whats what with as little BS as I can manage.
I just got a new computer, so this one is becoming a test/practice rig, and I've always wanted to try overclocking, and I really want to push as much out of this old one as possible.

I have a Jetway motherboard,
SiS 645 - 6A6IXJ19C - 00 Version S447.
Running on an intel P4 2.0.
I look on the jetway website and its a bloody nightmare, the date of the 645 bios is 2003, this one seems to be 2001, and I dont get any options for overclock which is what I'm trying to achieve, to squeeze a little more out of it. I downloaded the S447 bin file from the jetway tech page, and am running award modular 6.0.

Does anyone know if this bios update will "Open up" the clock speed setting, going through the bios I cant actually even "See" the clock speed settings at all! My main goal here is to clock this pc to practice and know what Im doing with these kinds of things, but I'm not willing with my limited bios experience to flash it without knowing I have the right bios for this pc.

Any help or advice is appreciated. If anyone can help thanks in advance.
Best Regards,