Latest flash programs may destroy BIOS ?

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In FAQ for Epox 8RDA+ they say:

> Our Nvidia based motherboards use a different style of BIOS chips than our other products. To successfully flash the BIOS you will need AWDFLASH.EXE v8.22a or newer. Older flash tools will corrupt the BIOS and leave the board dead <

On Wim's Bios directory the latest is v8.12 - does this mean using this tool, would destroy the Bios of 8RDA+ and maybe other nForce2 motherboards ?
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It's entirely possible, I suppose. The flasher should warn you that it doesn't recognize the chip and not let you proceed, but I guess people could force it.

I'd get yourself the recommended flasher version.
Flash your BIOS at your own risk.
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Wrong version can really corrupt the BIOS (correct version sometimes too :lol: )...
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