Looking for a bIOS upgrade ....

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.... hopefully to solve USB problems.

My present BIOS readout is -

Program: Unicore BIOS Wizard Version 1.8
Program: Unicore Chip Detect v0.72 2000.03.10
BIOS Date: 06/30/00
BIOS Type: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
BIOS ID: 06/30/2000-SiS530-6801-2A5IMJ1AC-00
BIOS Eval: V.531CF E05 06-30-2000
Chipset: SiS 530 rev 3
Superio: ITE 8661/SiS 6801 rev 6 found at port 279h

AMD processor 500Mhz

Anything else you need to know?

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Thats a Jetway 530CF. See www.jetway.com.tw/evisn/download/
Under the bios section there is a latter upgrade dated 09/27/2k but that appears to be only support for AMD K2 500+ cpus
What exactly is the usb problem? Mine is ok.
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It's not J-530CF but J-531CF!
The latest BIOS is:
V.531CF/531CN E11 02-23-2001
http://www.jetway.com.tw/evisn/download ... 1CFE11.BIN
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Thanks folks for the replies. I will try the updated version(s) sometime in the next couple of days.

The problem I have is that if 'USB Controller' is set to 'Enabled' in the Integrated Peripherals set-up screen, the machine takes ages (>15 mins) to boot due to 'msgsvr32.exe' hanging. By pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and ending that task, machine boots up OK, works OK and the USB is OK. I am hoping to find a cleaner way of booting up.

Slightly different topic - on the PNP/PCI Configuration Screen, can anyone explain exactly how the 'Resources Controlled By' and 'Reset Configuration Data' settings are supposed to do.

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