Matsonic or Protac ? USB prob also BIOS prob ?

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I'm troubleshooting a couple-of-years-old Celeron PC of which the invoice says:
"MB Protac 5370 ATX+ sound"
There is a copper cooling plate that sais "Matsonic MS7192S"

the PC runs Win ME
it has a double on-board USB, which recognizes the attached equipment (I can install drivers), but sends error messages on use of the USB devices: "cannot find USB device, check cable"
Cable & device work perfectly on other equipent, running same OS, same SW, ...

could something like this be solved by BIOS update ?
something in BIOS I need to set op ?
other suggestions ?

thnx !
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Appears to be Matsonic MS7192S - Slot 1 or socket 370 motherboard. Info at the following links:

Manual -

BIOS update, 71920722.exe, BIOS Rev. 07-22-99 - - ms7192s

In the manual for the BIOS Setup section - Integrated Peripherals Setup Page, USB Controller – Use this item to enable or disable the onboard USB ports.

I suspect you already have this enabled, but it may be something to check. I don't know if any of this will help but it may be a start.

:) :) :)
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