Mod my Insyde h2o bios (rev v5.0)

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Hi everybody I need a little help from the bios experts.
I've bought a tab from a very unknown brand (Multilaser). It comes with windows 10 and works really fine with it's Intel Atom Z3735F (Bay-Trail) and 2gigs of RAM. The main problem is that I miss some apps I used to have on my android tab and I wanted to install android on this tab. At the beginning, I thought it was going to be easy because there are a lot of Chinese tabs with similar hardware that runs the dual boot setup that I want (Windows 8.1/10 and Android), but it wasn't that easy. After doing a lot of research I found out that there's a Chuwi tablet that has almost the same hardware as mine (only the display is different) and has a dual boot BIOS which is required to install android. So, I did a dumb thing trying to flash this tab's bios on mine and obvious it didn't work. However, my tablet still turned on and I found out that the only thing that wasn't working was the display.
From this I've listed three options to install Android on my tablet:
1- Mod Chuwi Vi8 BIOS to make it work on my tab
2- Mod my tab's bios to change OS/BOM mode from force win8.1 to dual boot
3- Adapt Android-x86 to my hardware
As the 3rd option is going to be painful I wanted to do one of the bios moding options.
Here's a link to my BIOS and Chuwi BIOS files: ... sp=sharing

Thanks in advance.
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