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#32461 by misspepsie
Sat Jun 11, 2005 3:31 pm
:?: I have a Gateway 2000 G6-180 the serial # is 5813758 it only has 7 digits because it is so old i contacted Gatway and they said the system was so old they dont have any support for it my problem is when i boot the computer i get a system board device resource conflict press f1 to go to setup or press esc to boot when i press esc it boots just fine no problems i have win98 running on it so i look in the device manager and no problem there i can start it in dos then type win and it starts fine with no error i have looked inside and nothing is loose. So i am wondering do i need a bios update if so where can i find one and where can i find some support for this computer.
It has:
Intel Pentium Pro processor
128mb ram
2.37gb harddrive