Need BIOS upgrade for: 11/11/97-i430TX-UMC8669-2A59IV3EC-00

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I searched my ass of trying to find a BIOS-upgrade for this MB, but so far no luck.

Some specs:

Award Bios v4.xx

According to WimsBios.Com the motherboard manufacturer is Aristo ( /
That page didn't get me far either. They have a BIOS section, but no downloadable updates and/or files for that mather.

If any of you could provide me with the correct BIOS upgrade for this model, I'd be gratefull.

Any help more than welcome, of course. Thanks in advance.

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It's a PCPARTNER board:

Loos for an 8-digit code, like 35-xxxx-xx to identify it in the BIOS updates section of the mentioned site. The code is silkscreened on the board, right next to the motherboard's edge, usually near the ISA slots.
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