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#35626 by Warrior Crixus
Wed Dec 21, 2005 4:08 pm
hi all, i've just found this place after two days of searching for help on this, i have not found any info on my particular situation anywhere so i fugured i should ask those whom are more knowledgeable than me about this. bear with me, i'm going on little sleep here.

Ok, I have a Quad Proliant 5000 server with a custom Intel 82450GX/KX chipset (intel doesn't even have info on this chipset on thier site). I have the latest BIOS installed on this system, but there's one problem. It supports 200mhz Pentium Pro processors, but not 333mhz Pentium II Overdrive processors. the reason? no microcode present in the bios.

Not a problem, i got the microcode update right here, along with a copy of the bios rom image. now if only i could make the rom file open up and allow me to put the updated microcode in. i've tried the latest biosview and ctmc and cbrom and i get nothing out of them. modbin complains about a checksum error.

if i knew for sure that the rom file was an uncompressed image i would just take a hex editor and find the portion of code that has the microcode for the existing processors (by comparing to the code in the update) and just swap it with the code for the overdrive processors, but i want to be sure if there is a less risky way of doing this. any help would be greatly appreciated.