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#39492 by Real_Dreams
Thu Jun 29, 2006 3:24 am
Hello, I need help to find an update for my bios program
Version : 4W4SB0X0.15A.0013.P08 (Phoenix 4.0 realease 6.0)
motherboard /model : WS440BX
/version : AA744110-203
/ident : 4W4SB0X0.15A.0013.P08.9904221542
/name : Intel WARM SPRINGS WS440BX
/chipset : Intel 440BX/ZX rev3
I have a gateway GP7-450 ,PC100 and using windows 2000 pro SP4
I went to gateway and Intel sites but with no results because the motherbord I'm using is very old model.

I have 192ko of Ram , the 128k installed on my computer is PC133 and never get problems, but I purchased a 256K Ram PC133 wich was detected in bios program but windows doesn't boot, I want to know that if an update of my bios would correct that problem or not.......and thank u in advance