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#53095 by adisch
Tue Jul 14, 2009 8:07 am
Hello people,
I have a huge problem I had already contacted ASUS suport team and they didn't help me at all.
I have motherboard P5S800-VM but one with 1394 onboard (usualy when you buy this motherboard they come without 1394 but I had bought complete desktop named Vintage PE1).
Recently I had updated my BIOS with the one from ASUS site for P5S800-VM and Flashed my bios but now I get error message PCI IRQ .....
When I asked support from ASUS why is that they told me that motherboard from Vintege PE1 is P5S800-VM but it is different from those which you buy alone (motherboard P5S800-VM alone).
Now I can't return my old BIOS for VINTAGE-PE1, I had tried everything adn when i try to flash using AFLASH (or AWDFLASH not sure right now) I get message "reading P5S800VM.ROM - not found" but I know for sure that there is a file on CD,floppy and also tried with USB flash drive. I had tried with all bios files from ASUS site for Vintage PE1 and nothing.
Also I had tried with Alt+F2 and last night I got message "reading P5S800VM.ROM. This BIOS Is too OLD it is maybe compatibile with this motherboard!"
PLEASE Help ME I can't get my comp now working It is working but slow as hell And config is P4 3,0 GHz, 2Gb RAM, VGA BLISS 6800 GTS 512MB, HDD 2 x 160Gb and I can't install Windows VISTA or WIN 7 becouse it is too Slow.
AGAIN PLEASE HELP. Thank you in advance.