Need update for my old motherboard, win98 does not shut down

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I already searched this site and the internet, but I can't find the bin file to update my bios. Does somebody know where I can find it ?
I want to solve my win98 does not shut down properly problem and I can't log off and go to dos.
Award BIOS found : Award Modular BIOS v4.50PG
Award ID-String : 08/15/95-SiS-5501-503-2A5ICABBC-00
Board/BIOS-Version : AP5CS R1.30 8/15/95 N ROM - NOT FOR SALE
Chipset : SiS-5501-503 //SiS 5501
Many thanks.
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If it's Win98SE, then try applying the shutdown patch first. It's available from Microsoft's site.
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The latest BIOS is:
AP5CS R1.50 Oct.17.1995 ... p5cs15.exe
Still old as hell.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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