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#39298 by squeakyboy
Tue Jun 13, 2006 5:15 pm

I have an epox 8k9a3+ mobo with a hpt374 raid controller. The bios is out of date and the newer ones enable RAID 5. However because its embed the only way i can upgrade it is to flash with the motherboard's bios which has the raid controllers bios embeded. The motherboards bios is several versions behind and hasn't been updated in nearly 2 years (and likely isn't getting updated).

I tried combining the version 3.04 of the highpoint hpt374 bios into the epox k9a33a07 bios. I used CBROM 2.07 and flashed my motherboard several different ways (boot disk and awdflash, using epox's emergency bios update, etc. ) and each time the bios failed to work. It would restart and only display my graphics card info and hang. I had to use emergency bios procedures to get it back to normal.

I reset my cmos after each manual flash (using /cc in awdflash) and used proper flash procedures but it still wasn't successful.

I talked to highpoint tech support and they suggested I use a different CBROM, but I am unsure which to use. I don;t have a version 6 bios, so I figured 2.07 would be fine. I can;t find CBROM32 anywhere. If someone has it and would be kind of enough to give, it would be appreciated. You could PM me, ill reply with an e-mail you can send it to.

Some suggestions on what tools and procedure to use to mod my bios would be appreciated.