NEEDED: Bios file for Chicony CH-471B motherboard.

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Hi there,

If someone is still a life.. Iam using old computers for retro gaming..
I have a few 486 motherboards here and not all of them have the latest bioses on those board..

My problem for now: I have a chicony CH-471B motherboard here, and its having problems with regonizing a AMD 586 133mhz processor..
The bios iam using now is:

Version: VBS1.04 from 10/11/94-SIS-85C471-B/E/G-2C4I9C21-00

The bios iam looking for:


But anything from the year 1995 would be great!

Thanks for any help as possible!
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VBS -> Vobis Highscreen computer, tried their archives, nothing in there of use.

It is still questionable if that bios will solve your problem because this board is from the era where you use hardware jumpers for configuring the board for a CPU. Not to mention if it ever has been supported at all in the first place.

I will check if anybody has ever succeeded to run that CPU on this board.

What are the exact model markings on the CPU?
What hardware revision marking has your CH-471B?

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