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Hi all. 1st sorry for my bad english!
And now... My pc is 486 DX2 12 Mb of RAM. 15 Gb hdd, VGA Card. While my bios can't detect my hdd correctly I've installed Ontrack BootManager for Quantum. Now my Windows 95 is running OK, but after few days i MUST install the bootmanager again, while it is some bios errors.. I don't know.. Something for checksum errors, but i don't know what is that. Here is the information, who was from BIOS Agent:
Program: Unicore BIOS Wizard Version 1.5
Program: Unicore Chip Detect v0.72 2000.03.10
BIOS Date: 11/03/94
BIOS Type: Award Modular BIOS v4.50G (with 2094 bug)
BIOS ID: 11/03/94--2C4X6H01-00 ---- 2C4X6H01-00: Hsin Tech Cheetah
BIOS Eval: Release 11/01/94'
I have download the Flash program, but I can't find nowhere flashes (i don't know how that is named, but i am shure, that is the new bios code). Can someone tell me where can I download flashes for my BIOS? It is possible to update my BIOS with newer version or not? Thanx in advance. I am waiting for your Answers! Thanks
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486 bios are very difficult to come by especailly for large HD support. I would look at a EIDE card instead of a software solution. Check www.pricewatch.com for cards. I have seen them as cheap as $13.
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I am in Bulgaria. I don't know, offer they cards for bulgaria. Is that i'll save money and order one. 10x
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Checksum error - CMOS checksum error? That means you have to replace battery on the motherboard.

BTW.: Isn't that PC Chips Cheetah board (similar to M912)? The BIOS is not flashable.
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Yes. That is the warning message. I've read somewhere that this bios is not flashable, and use of eeprom (or something such)... It is not bad idea to buy a new PC ;) I'll see what can i do, but i think, i'll waiting for newer pc... :(
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mo3bk -

You do have an M912 there with the AWARD BIOS that has the date error (only recognizes dates between 1994-1999). Hop over to The PCChips Lottery and read all about it...extensive recent posting there on this board.

Good Luck!!
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