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#39346 by Fisherman
Sat Jun 17, 2006 8:42 pm

I need help...

I have a HP Omnibook 6000 with Phoenix Bios EA.M1.80 installed.
Because hybernation freezes the notebook in Win2000 Professional (known bug) I have to upgrade my bios.

I therefore downloaded a new bios (EAM183.exe) from the HP site and with that program I made a biosdisk.

I don't have a A-drive installed so I'm using a usb-A drive instead.

I shut down the notebook and started windows 2000 in safe mode with command-prompt so I can acces my floppy-drive.

When I go to the floppydrive and from there run phlash.exe I get an error message: "File open failed on PLATFORM.bin"

Does anyone of you had the same problem?
And... can you help me fix this?

Thanx in advance!