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#57338 by qaws
Sat Nov 12, 2011 4:48 pm
I have a desktop with the NEC logo on the front. There's a sticker on the mobo inside which says P5S800-VM/S, and directly under this is printed "Asus" on the motherboard.

I have a copy of the BIOS before I flashed it. If I open it in Notepad it gives me the strings "$ASUSAMI$ P5S800-VM 0170 07/11/2005-18:56:38 SIS661FX PACKARDBELL".

You'll note the BIOS string doesn't have the "/S" on the end - after searching the internet it seems that this means it is proprietory (see ... uage=en-us).

Since the mobo is branded Asus, I went to the Asus site and downloaded the latest BIOS (rev 1023 from ... /#download), and used their Windows flashing util (in to take a backup of the BIOS and then flash it with the new one. It flashed just fine with no errors or messages, then said I needed to reboot.

When it rebooted, it gave me the message something like:
Bad BIOS Checksum. Starting Recovery
Checking for floppy..
Floppy not found
Checking for CD ROM..
CD ROM not found

and it keeps doing this. The PC has no floppy drive so following some advice ( ... uage=en-us) I renamed the original backup ROM file as P5S800VM.ROM, burnt it to a CD and put it in. It now gives me the message "CD ROM found, checking for P5S800VM.ROM" and then a "File not found!"-type message.

I don't know if I need a bootable CD, if it needs to have autoexec.bat on with a flasher and the ROM file - I've tried creating a bootable CD with AFUDOS.EXE and P5S800VM.ROM in the bootable part, one just with P5S800VM.ROM in the bootable part, a non-bootable CD with just P5S800VM.ROM and another with AFUDOS.EXE and P5S800VM.ROM, and finally an old DOS boot floppy I had containing stuff like IBMBIO.COM & HIMEM.SYS aswell as the flasher and the ROM file, still it gives me the file not found message.

The BIOS I flashed it to was S8VM1023.ROM and has the string "$ASUSAMI$ P5S800-VM 1023.003 01/04/2007-10:35:05 SIS661FX ASUS". do I restore the original BIOS ROM image that I have?