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#29747 by marco_certelli
Thu Feb 17, 2005 11:29 am
I've an old MotherBoard Biostar MB8500TTD. I downloaded from the TTD0616B patched bios (to solve the >32 GB disk bug). The problem is that the CBROM utility reports a strange error:

******** TTD0616B.BIN BIOS component ********

No. Item-Name Original-Size Compressed-Size Original-File-Name
0. System BIOS 20000h(128.00K) 14C63h(83.10K) original.tmp
1. EPA pattern 00642h(1.56K) 002A1h(0.66K) awardepa.epa
2. Other(1401:2008) 00000h(0.00K) 400030h(4096.05Kd\util\ncr307.16kv_

Total compress code space = 1A000h(104.00K)
Total compressed code size = 414F34h(4179.80K)
Remain compress code space = 050CCh(-4075.80K)

As you can see, the item number 2 (that in the original biostar non patched bios is the NCR ROM ... ncr307.16k) is not reported correctly and also the information in the following lines (space/size) are incorrect.
I also tried to check the patched BIOS with the awdbedit tool and is says that the file cannot be loaded since awdbedit is "Unable to determine the layout of the file table within the BIOS image".

I also downloaded the non tested versions of the pathed BIOS (from the same URL above /nicks and /rainbow) and I got the same problem with both CBROM and awdbedit.

Now the questions are:
1) Is it a problem or not?
2) Will I find problems flashing my mobo with those BIOS's? Do I need a precise version of awdflash.exe that understand that BIOS "file table"?
2) As far as I know, ncr307.17k should deal with SCSI I/F. If I flash those BIOS, will I have problems with SCSI components?

Thanks very much to anyone who will give me some info.

Bye bye, Marco.