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#55417 by koby411
Sun Aug 01, 2010 5:48 pm
hi there !

i was given a hp pavillion 734n (exact specs as shown here ... e=bph07941 ) that had crashed and did want to load the xp it came with.well since i was not faced with having to safe any data i clean installed xp . went to hp driver site, after running a driver scan, to see if there were some native driver there i needed to install to regain all original ones and or functions that came with it .

once there i noticed an update via windows for the bios which sounded suitable since i was contemplating to maybe upgrade to vista later and went for it . following all instructions during the process to the "t" all went normal so it seemed .waited for reboot to reset bios to all default settings.. well that didnt happen. ended up with a situation as described here

having no access to any bios info using that computer atall (hoping to backup old info safely during flash wich didnt happen) i went on a hunt for the bios version that came with it. to create a floppy to recover what looks like a bios flash gone wrong but ( fingers crossed not deadly lol ) the information given about the bios is quiet confusing .following the FIC am37 i ended here with the closest info ... oads.shtml

following bios description given on hp support as HP - Salsa-GLA Software Build ID 31NAheBLU4 NA-HOME and using info about it from here , i got nowhere.

i created floppies using the in the end various way ( copied of a working one , made one via dos startup and also downloaded a "clean dos drd" as well as awardflash (various generations ) as well as the bios info .i tried many variations of award and bios info. during of booting i do get into the award utility but get stuck with two destintive warnings in there

either "noflash" or "the version existing is not the newest ,,," so it looks that the bios info i found is not the original or altered one s(hp salsa ...?) i have tried so many different award an bootsetups i cant keep count. but do not want to give into just buying a new mobo.

anyone knows where to maybe find the correct bios file and or combination with the correct awardflash version be a hero in my mind . any help be totally welcome i even spoke to several local comp techs but all to narrow minded and i get basicly the same answer everywhere "you wasting your time and our ...replace mobo " well i dont want to. it has become a challenge to me since i believe i have NOT yet killed it (stubborn ole dude lol) thnx in advance for any respond