HP Pavilion BIOS Lockout

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I am trying to flash the BIOS in my HP Pavilion with an Award BIOS to enable support for a K6+ CPU. The motherboard is an Asus P5S-VM, with an HP "customized" Phoenix BIOS in place of the Award BIOS usually found on that board.
Among the crappy features of the Phoenix BIOS is an undocumented lockout/protection feature that prevents flashing except with a BIOS "upgrade" offered by HP. Of course, there is none available.
Does anyone know how to defeat the lockout/protection feature?
If not, am I correct in understanding the "hot-flashing" procedure thusly:
1) fire up and boot into DOS prompt;
2) remove BIOS eeprom chip carefully;
3) install blank chip;
4) flash desired BIOS into new chip?
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No, I don't know how to defeat it.

Yes, that's how to do a hot swap flash into a new chip.
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