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I have two questions, if somebody can help, please:
I have a notebook Compaq Presario 1920 (PII 300Mhz, WinXP) with Phoenix Bios 4.0 Release 6.0 M 03-00.
1. can you please let me know if and where I can find a newer version of the Bios?
2. I made a RAM upgrade (I had 64Mb SDRAM 66 MHz fixed, on the motherbord, and 128Mb SDRAM 66MHz on the only extra slot); I bought a 256Mb SDRAM 100MHz chip (4*32Mb on each side) but the system recognizes only 192 Mb. The motherbord is Intel 82443BX/ZX 440BX/ZX. Is a Bios or motherbord problem? Can be fixed?

Thanks a lot!
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Intel 440BX and 440ZX chipset needs 256MB sticks with 16 memory chips - 8 per side to get full capacity
For newer Bios visit Compaq Website and use their search function - enter model numer
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