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#31029 by sfumato
Thu Apr 14, 2005 11:57 pm
I flashed my bios with a Modded Bios for the AU31 emachine T3025 back in december. Everything was fine and its an excellent tool because it opens up the extended bios options (ie. I can now set agp ap to 128 instead of it being stuck at 32)

Ive been very happy with this mod bios, and had no problems till now.

Not sure if its mod bios problem, but here it is .

Every time I boot the hardware installer starts to load for "PNP bios extension",
when I try to install it runs the routine then returns the #39 driver not found error.

Ive reinstalled Nforce , and reflashed bios, no luck.

Ive tried to manually install driver with "standard PNP bios ext" and it does the same thing , driver not found.

I have the t3o25.

Should I just disable PNP and set my IRQs myself? I feel confident that I wont have many issues doing that as I have disabled many devices leaving lots of irqs to play with. I dont print, use serial ports, and have an open pci slot so all of those are disabled in bios. (*Odd thing is my vid and netcard are still listed as being on irq19).

Any ideas?

I did a search through reg and found something interesting,

SystemBiosDate 11/04/03 biosinfo.inf

whats interesting is that is the date of the bios but I cant find biosinfo.inf anywhere on my drive?

I checked my xp i386(i always copy it to my hd just in case ) and it has the file
dated Thursday, August 23, 2001, 8:00:00 AM

Should there be a biosinfo.inf installed somwhere in sys32 folder or inf folder?

should I use the inf in my i386 even though its older than the new mod bios?

thanks folks!

thought Id add a link to the bios since Ive seen various post here about people looking for a modded bios for this mobo and the next generation of it used in emachines. Everyone using it (10pages so far) have had good results. ... =1959&st=0
heres a summary,

AU31 Bios from my T3265 with some success. I now have settings for FSB Frequency from 100-300Mhz in 1Mhz increments and settings for memory timing. Also was able to enable users to set their Aperture setting from 32MB-256MB. No CPU Multiplier or Vcore found so these still are limited but may be helpful to some. Since this is a modded version of "E" Bios I had no problem with Windows Activation at all and I did flash my bios 4 different times before I settled on this final version.

*my first post but Ive been reading these forums for a long time, Ive never posted because Ive always found my answer, which reflects well on the folks here :D