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#47154 by Ando
Sun Dec 23, 2007 5:16 pm
#47154 by Ando
Sun Dec 23, 2007 5:16 pm
Hi everyone,
First time i think is a good ideea to put here all my components from my pc:
Mobo: Asus A8V, socket 939, AGP 8x, Chipset Via
Cpu: Amd Athlon 3200+, socket 939, 32/64 bit, 2000MHz
Video card: Ati Radeon 9550 GeCube, 128 bit, 256 ddr2, Agp 8x
Ram: 768 ddr Sycron Pc 3200, 400MHz
Sound card: Creative SB Live 5.1,(PCI)
PSU: Raidmax RMX-500W12 (not expensive psu)
HDD: Western Digital 160 GB SATA-II 7200 rpm 8 MB Caviar
OS: Windows XP SP2

My problems was starting when i try to update bios of my mobo and something gone bad. I use that crap Asus Update and i think the bios was not for my model motherboard. After the update finish and reboot my comp won`t reboot/start properly.
I enter on internet from another comp and download from AsusTek bios 0229 for my A8V, i flash the bios from that floppy and after restart (that last more then usual) nothing work, i click on every icon but nothing open, when i start Task Manager i see cpu usage 100%. After a week i remove sound card from that pci slot (thinking to use RealTek from motherboard) and in my surprise the problem with 100% cpu was fix.
In some applications or some games tho i hear some ...tz_tz_tz_tz sound, and even with realtek sound card updated the problem doesnt dessapear. I try to put the Creative back but the "crazy cpu 100%" come back...Now i install it on another pci slot and everything is ok, only that ..tz_tz_tz_tz sound i hear it again and is really annoyng ( that sound i hear with RealTek from mobo and with Creative).

So can anyone help me to fix somehow that slot that i cant use anymore and with that weird sound?

Sorry if i post in wrong section, but i dont know what to do anymore