RAM isn't working at all

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Today I've bought from one friend 32SDRAM PC100.This RAM has 4 chips on it, with the inscription: LGS GM72v661641CT7J 9909 AG5 KOREA
On the Ram is written 4Mx64/72 SDRAM
Before I've bought this RAM I had 32SDRAM PC100 SEITEC with 16 chips on it.
My new RAM isn't working at all.Doesn't appears anything on the screen and even I don't hear the beep, but my hdd works.I have tried with just this new RAM, but again, NOTHING.
I already applied the update to my BIOS.
04/30/98-537+UMC8670F-2A5LDH09C-00; Release 04/30/1998 S Tweak Version: V1.02 Big HDD support;
Please help me!

Thank you
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That's a PC-Chips M537 motherboard. ajzchips is the PC-Chips expert. A quick look at his website shows there's no on-line manual, but I think you'll find that the chipset doesn't support high-density RAM chips llike you have on that new 32Mb.

As you have another thread opened in the RAM compatibility forum, this one will be locked. Please, in future, don't open two threads for the same problem.
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