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#47244 by [deXter]
Fri Dec 28, 2007 8:05 pm
Hi, does anyone have or know where I can get the latest BIOS update for a Biostar M5VNB?

Reason for update request: Buggy APL code in BIOS. Causes very high system instability, with or without ACPI disabled in BIOS. Crashes are consistent across all OSes and independent of HDD/RAM/CPU.

Here are my mobo details:

Brand: Biostar M5VNB
Chipset: VIA MVP4 / VT82C686A southbridge
Bios: AWARD v4.51 PG
Firmware date: 04/03/2001.

Yes, I've checked the BioStar FTP, they still have this update and the older 06/07/200 update, but not the newer one.

The newer one, according to eSupport, fixes the ACPI/APM code so that it's compatible with WinXP and is stable. I could purchase it, but I feel spending $30 for this old board isn't worth it, considering I could get a newer board+athlon processor at a lesser price on eBay.

So can anyone help me out please?

(Btw, I *am* willing to pay/reward the person if you find the new update. Don't expect >= $30 though :P )