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#51023 by bdsmith63
Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:31 pm
I posted this question about 2 years ago on this site, didn't really get anywhere and still want to know how I can restore to my ORIGINAL FACTORY BIOS that came on this PC? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have a Gateway 420GR PC with the Intel 915GAG motherboard. If I can give you a quick summary of what I have done, then my question(s) below:

1) Had some computer issues going on, was told I needed to upgrade my BIOS by a friend.
2) According to the Gateway website, the BIOS upgrade shown did not match what was on my current system.
3) Through online chat with Gateway, I ended up installing a BIOS upgrade from Intel's website
4) Of course, the familiar Gateway logo at boot up and all is gone, and everything runs fine, but a few issues I need direction on:

First of all, the overall fan speed is slightly higher than before under the original BIOS, it seems to run at a more constant rate, previously if I had several applications open and doing more on the PC the fan speed would intermittently increase or decrease and when the PC was fairly idle and a cool room the fan you could hardly hear, now it doesn't do that.

Also, I noticed when I put in STANDBY mode that the "G" that is usually illuminated and blinks doesn't light up at all. I know these are all special modifications from Gateway in their original BIOS.

My question is should I reinstall the Gateway BIOS, or is the current version from Intel working well on my computer and not going to cause my any problems to my motherboard? I think the overall PC runs faster and smoother, just except the fan speed is different than before.