Searching BIOS-upgrade for 2A59AAB9-00

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Hi everybody

Since I installed W98-SE (dutch version) on my 7-year old Pentium I have all sort of problems. One of them is that I can't get a 56K6-modem working on this machine. Therefore, I think I should upgrade the BIOS, so:
I'm looking for a BIOS-upgrade for a 7-year old Pentium S-100.
The BIOS-ID is (complete) 06/13/95-NEPTUNE-2A59AAB9-00.
The motherboard is (probably) a DP5 R1.00 jun/14/95 and it is coded with the following:
48.86701 001 Made in Taiwan 94129.

All help is welcome; at AOpen I can't find anything about this chipset or upgrading it.


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It's Aopen DP5 board. The latest BIOS is "08/09/95-NEPTUNE-2A59AAB9-00" ("DP5 R1.10A Nov.16.1995") at

Isn't the modem you're trying to install internal PCI card? Most of them are software modems which are useless with slow CPU. Internal ISA modems or external modems connected to serial port are best.
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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Not only that, most of them PCI cards want a PCI 2.1 spec compliant slot. I don't think the NEPTUNE chipset has support for that already...

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