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#48451 by dce21b
Wed Mar 19, 2008 8:57 pm
I was messing around with my bios settings and reset them to fail safe settings. What a bad idea, I have tried everything even a system restore even though i know that has no effect on the bios.

I have a msi k8t neo 2 motherboard amd 3200 processor 1 gig of pc3200 ram bfg 6800 gt video card and i forget my type of hard drive. Its an ameritrends bios i dont know the exact ver. Im at work right now.

Also when i rebooted it said it couldnt find my sata drivers when i finally got into windows. So i used MSI auto finder thing to reinstall all my motherboard drives the sata reinstalled but still my pc is slow

How can I find the best settings for my system. Setting bios to optimized defaults also had no effect. I didnt put the system together and i dont know what the guy had the bios set to.

I would like to learn myself how to fix this I know its something stupid and would like to learn instead of payng someone to fix something i can do myself.