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#53407 by Maazeepaan
Tue Sep 08, 2009 7:45 pm
I just acquired PC which previously ran on Windows 2000 and have now installed Vista. The DVD drive doesn't function at all and the CD drive works intermittently, even though they both appear in the list when booting up and Device Manager sees them. As soon as I put DVD/CD into the DVD drive - it disappears from Device Manager and then the CD drive won't work either.

As PC is quite old I am confused as to whether I am dealing with Vista compatibility issues or if the BIOS really needs updating. Or someone even mentioned changing the battery in motherboard.

When I run the BIOS Agent Plus scan it tells me my BIOS is bad and needs updating but I don't know what will happen should I decide to subscribe to this service. Will it download an update and instructions to run it or will it just direct me to the maker's website.

The BIOS ID is:
Manufactured by ECS

I checked the AMI and ECS websites for update and couldn't find anything specific.

On newer PC I have successfully updated BIOS using utility on disk that came with the PC. I am a complete novice dealing with BIOS otherwise!

Any advice anyone?