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#45179 by Gruelius
Wed Jun 13, 2007 4:55 am
Hey all,
I have a Shuttle SN85G4 V2 which has the FN85 motherboard (Nforce 150 chipset). I updated the bios because the LDT selection of 2.5 would act as a LDT of 2.

Anyway after updating the bios my hdd wouldnt boot. I thought it was quite wierd so i emailed shuttle and had to reassue them that i had chosen the right bios then communication stopped.

When booting from the HDD it would just sit with a blanking cursor, no message of "NO SYSTEM DISK" or whatever it is would be displayed. It would boot CD's such as linux live cd's, so i tried reinstalling grub but i had no luck. Anyway after mucking around i found out that if i plug any hard disk onto the secondary master (boot disk is on primary master) it would boot the first disk. Anyway now my problems have gotten worse, if any HDD is plugged in the computer will lockup with any boot disks making it very hard to update the bios.

So i am basically looking for any bios rom's that are not the latest revision, or maybe i should just get the latest revision and flash it again.

I can boot from cd and thats about it ;)