Slot 1 M761zx motherboard needs BIOS

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AMIBIOS ID String: 62-0210-001437-00101111-071595-440BX
Manufacturer Code Detected: 1437 - PC CHIPS

The above is what i had a bios info utility tell me, although my user's manual indicates PC100 as the manufacturer and the chipset as an intel 440ZX (not 440BX)

I have looked at manufacturer sites and other sites and can not find a BIOS update. By the way, I have already killed my BIOS with a bad flash (thought i had the right one - took a chance - now i have no boot and no BIOS program). I got the ID string before I killed my BIOS, but have had no luck finding a BIOS program to work with. Help?
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So this post is really "my motherboard is dead " ?
- Check the FAQ on the main wimsbios site for possible recovery techniques. Go to the PC-Chips Lottery website to confirm the ID of your board, and go to ajzchips's site to download the correct BIOS.
- If there is no possibility of bootblock recovery or hot-flashing or a friendly technician with an EEPROM programmer, contact
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