soltek 75frn2-l bios update help

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8O Hi

I am trying to update my bios but I can't get past the usage page. I have award bios v.600pg at the moment. There is an update at their web site. I have downloaded the flash utility . The readme file tells me to type the following command at the a prompt: awdflash 75frn216l.bin/sn/py/cc. When I do this it appears to be working, however it brings me to a page that has an example at the bottom that looks nothing like what the readme file says.

What is the correct procedure to follow to update the bios.

My system is as follows:

Soltek 75frn2-l
amd 2500+
512 mb ram pc3200
radeon 9500 video card

Thank You
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awdflash /sn/py 75frn216l.bin /cc

If that gives the same result, could you please describe what you see instead of the example page?

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