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#35934 by ?42!
Tue Jan 03, 2006 6:53 pm

I have the PCG-R505 notebook. Sony claims the maximum memory is
384 megs. Intel claims that the 82815EM chipset used in the R505 can
handle 512 megs. According to Sony, there is 128 megs soldered to the
mother board and a memory socket for the rest. My notebook has
another 128 megs in the memory socket and there is a 256 meg
module available.

My question is what limits the max in this system at less then the
chipset limit [BIOS (marketing), mother board limits, something else]
and is there a way around it to achieve 512 megs?

I've contacted Sony and they are no help. I also contacted the BIOS
maker's agent (e-support for Phoenix) and they are no help. Their
utility reports the correct current total and claims the maximum is 512
megs but their support person says I have to take it up with Sony. Is
there any body out there who has gone through this and has some info?