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#59644 by Cativo
Sat Mar 23, 2013 8:59 pm
Hello everyone,

Have been trying to research this but wasn't sure where to go and a friend of mine suggested this forum. You all helped him get through a tricky situation a little while ago.

Anyways, I have an older HP Vectra XM2 computer that I purchased from a warehouse supply place. I needed to replace a computer on my companies system, which the 486 pc just died on. The compute works fine, boots up and recognizes everything, but when it starts up the System Hardware Test screen has a box with the previous companies name on it. I do not want to see that, so how do I get rid of this text?

The Bios is GD.05.22 and will be running Windows 3.1. (See attached picture for reference of what I am talking about)

Thanks in advance for your help....
Bios pic