Sound Card problems

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I am having problems with a motherboard
(07/10/2000-693A-686-6A6LGL1QC-00)..... the problem is that he soundcard onboard doesn't work and when i try to install the PCI Sound Blaster live all i have is problems with the operating system...i already tried all the operating systems and is the same thing in all of them.
And another problem i am having is that i can't get an update for the BIOS....I have already tried almost everthing but i steel can't get no sound from the soundcard onboard and i can't install the soundblaster live on the board all i get is errors and the sound card doesn't work..
Any suggestion??
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Disable the onboard sound option in the BIOS setup, then install the SB Live.
Get the right drivers for your onboard sound device.

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