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#20019 by khuebl
Thu Oct 02, 2003 2:53 am

I have a OEM (Gateway) Computer less than one year old, and am looking for more advanced options to be available to me in my BIOS. After determining which type of board I have by my BIOS version, I have determined the following:

P4 3.06HT 533MHz FSB
1024 DDR 333MHz SDRAM
Intel D845GRG Motherboard

BIOS version RG84510A.15A.0037.P15
***According to Intel's website, the RG84510A means my motherboard is an Intel D845GRG
***However, they mention that the second part of the version means that it is from an OEM manufacturer. In this case, I assume the 15A means it is a board for Gateway instead of from intel directly, which would be a 86A.

I am very confidant that if I can flash update my bios to the most recent version which is RG84510A.86A.0033.P17, not only would I benefit from the most recent updates, but many extra features that are locked out on OEM bios chips would be available as well.

However, when attempting to Flash my BIOS with Intel's Flash Memory Update Utility iflash, it gives me an error (which I expect) saying the previous version of my bios is incompatible with the update.

First off, is there any way to completely wipe my bios so when I use Intel's iflash it wont give me the error?

Secondly, is it possible to edit my bios so that it says the version is 86A vs 15A?

Finally, is there any other way to flash an Intel BIOS besides using Intel's Flash BIOS updater?

Thanks for your time!!!
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