System Soft Bios Upgrade CTX Laptop

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I am trying to get an upgrade for a CTX EZBook 700E. The reason I am trying to get an upgrade is because I am having problems formatinf a harddrive. It will format to 12% and then stop. I have read a couple articles that state flash the bios. I have also talked to a couple techs
and they say do the same it can not hurt. Unless done wrong. I have flashed many a bios so this is not a problem. The problem is finding out the bios version and finding an update. The board has a Intel 430TX Chipset. The processor is an AMD 233mhz. The bios is a System Soft Bios.
CTX is worthless for information. Emailed
and called (left message) two days ago and no responce yet.
System Soft's page is the same way.
They say contact the manufacturer. Done.
The only information stated on the boot screen is
SystemSoft Bios Intel 430TX V 1.01 (2482-00)
SystemSoft Bios for Intel 430TX, Sub Version 1.23.09

Hopefully someone can give me a little info.
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Hm, I once encountered a virus that stopped a HDD format. Have you scanned with an anti-virus floppy?

CTX is out of the laptop game, so they don't care anymore.

You could try Veridata; they made systems for CTX (the monitor folk, who share the same parent corporation).

You can also try Unicore.
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Guess what I found on my HDD - CTX EZBook 700E BIOS. Readme says that it's v1.23.11 (5.3.1999). I can't find it anymore on CTX FTP - I uploaded it at ... 123_12.exe
BTW.: According to the filename, it looks to be v1.23.12
Patched and tested BIOSes are at
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