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So I'm going to fire up my old 486SX. Instead of loading a drive overlay on the 2 gig HDD I decided to update the BIOS. The MOBO is a EFA Corp, model 4DMU-HL3S with BIOS Ver. 2 10/21 '93. I downloaded the last known update 3s-49-1.rom which adds LBA support and it tells me "EPROM BIOS data only, Not flashable".
So my question is: has anyone burned an EPROM for a BIOS update?
Is this .rom file ready to load on the chip or does it need to be converted to something else before loading? I have access to a EPROM programmer. Is it a matter of buying a new EPROM, learning the programmer and loading my 3s-49-1.rom file?
I know I can buy another MOBO or add a card with its own BIOS for the HDD or just add the overlay to the HDD but this seems like a bigger challenge. Does anyone have any advice or tips to help me do this?
PS. If I can find a cheap overdrive for the 486 I'm going to add it.
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I've had several BIOS images (mobos and VGA) flashed on EPROMs at electronics shops (external programmer). It does work.
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