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#56549 by mawil1013
Sun Jun 26, 2011 7:39 pm
*Specs will follow message,

I'm having trouble determining if there is an update for my BIOS.

I have all info but between the BIOS and Motherboard, neither have been forthcoming with a download.

I assumed that one of these companies (PCChips and American Megatrends) would have something to help me determine if there is an updated BIOS and a download. I also assumed that it would be a self extracting and self installing operation?

I started this because my desktop requires the on/off button to be pressed twice in order for XP OS to start, and the 'restart' function doesn't work, 'turn off' fuction works, I'm hoping by updating all drivers and BIOS will fix. It evens happens when there is no harddrive installed, so I figure the cause is upfront and not in XP OS.

Motherboard Mnfc. PCChips, Model M758L7, chipset Sis 630 Rev21, Southbridge SIS LPCBridge Rev00, LPC10 ITE IT8705.

Bios; American Megatrends Ver062710, date 07/15/97. I also found this info about the BIOS using a different program, BIOS American Megatrends 062710 7/15/97, BIOS Type: AMI, BIOS Date: Sept 16, 2002, ID: 62-0916-00101111-071595-000000-M758LT, BIOS OEM: Release 09/16/2002S-062710, Chipset: Sis 630 Rev33, Super IO: ITE 8705/Sis950 Rev2 at port 002E

Graphics Interface AGP Ver2.0