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#29883 by adking0001
Fri Feb 25, 2005 9:04 pm
:o I have 6 motherboards, I killed them all doing A BIOS flash. It is AMI bios and is specific for this board (POS Point of Sale). The board is an Acrosser AR-9622 (386 with LVCD, compact Flash ATA, 4 comm ports). I had a board that was blowing fuses on an LCD display so I flashed it with a BIO's that was to fix it. Being stuborn, one bad board led to 6 dead soldiers. I have the tools I need to fix, eeprom programmer, etc. I purchased new eeproms (29EE010) and RTC (STM48T86PC1) because during the process of trying to clear the BIOS, I shorted the wrong pins on the RTC, I had pin 1 correct but not the other, I miss counted. I still am having no luck. I get pre-beeps, I count 11 or 13. I had 1 board that would boot and I kept changing BIOS chips and RTC's to see if I could get the other boards to boot with no luck. I also changed the ATMEL ATF20V8B-15PC, just to see what would happen, again, no luck. I have close-up photos of the board and other chips /components if it might help and I have audio recorded the beeps in .wav format as well. I have been working with the manufacture but they would rather have me send them in for repair than help me figure out what I have done so I won't do it again. I also want to know more about the BIOS / structure for this board becasue we have a large installation base of them in the field. Your help is apreciated. THX ADK