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#46721 by maxsoft
Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:16 am
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#46721 by maxsoft
Sun Nov 18, 2007 11:16 am
Had to do a hotflash after a badflash on a MSI7143-PL-NEO.
The chip was winbond W39V040FA. So I got hold of latest uniflash 1.40
on, but it did not recognize this chip. Googled quite a lot, until I came over a version of uniflash 1.47 on a russian site. And this one
found the winbond chip ok. So I took out the winbond, went to another
pc with sst-chip. Booted this one ok and launched uniflash 1.47.
sst-chip found ok. Took out the sst while power on, put in the winbond,
and started flashing. Many bad spots on the green progess-bar,
flash not successfull !!!!! Tried many times, same result. So I
replaced diskette with awardflash for the sst-board, tried this, but
it would not run cause it said chip was not the right one.
Replaced diskette back to uniflash1.47, tried the advanced menu.
Flashed bootblock only, and it went ok !! The flashed "totally"
incl. bootblock again, and this time the flash went ok !!!!
The winbond chip then went into the msi-board, and has since
worked ok !!!
Final questions: Why the unsuccessfull uniflashes in the first place?
Am I really safe now with this reflashed winbond-chip?
Is uniflash 1.47 to be trusted ?
Are winbond-chips compatible with sst-chips of
same size?

Hoping to recieve comments !