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#53515 by RedKMan
Fri Sep 25, 2009 11:38 pm
I stupidly updated my BIOS not realising that it would cause the reload cd not to work. From doing some research I understand I need to edit the DMI string of the Bios so that it matches the DMI string of the Reload CD. My question how do I begin to do this?

First off, this is an old machine that can boot up fine into a less than legal version of Win XP Pro (I had to test it). I want to use my reload cd as I can't be bothered paying for another OEM of WIN XP Home. Nobody I know has this version so thats out of the question. My only option is to edit this DMI string.

My questions,

How do I get the string from the reload CD so I know exactly what to change the DMI string on the Bios to?

Where can I get the DMI String editor from with instructions?

The PC is not being used now anyways so if I make a mistake and fry things no harm.

Award Modular Bios V6.00PG

W6382VTB V1.0 071502

The computer is an old Time Computers one and I've been told the DMI string should have Time Computers at the beginning.