updating a7v8x-x not working why???

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I am trying to Flash my bios with the lastest bios update (I have used a7v8xx06 and a7v8xx07) My problem is that I can instaill the bios and that works but when I try to restart windows it hangs(that is after going into the bios and loading defauts). I have tried reinstalling windows and it hangs again(I did watch it and it said no emulation found for the cd drive, but it did ask to boot from the drive). I reinstalled the old bios and I get the computer back up and running. I have used both tools, ez-flash and aflash.exe. I checked and I am using the right drivers(well the cd I got is the a7v8x-x). What am I doing wrong?
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Did you clear CMOS after flashing ? The new version of BIOS may store parameters in a different place.
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